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What is the Purpose of a Healthcare Lien?

Healthcare on a lien permits the provider to accept business that may have been refused due to the associated risk and lack of resources to evaluate collection potential.

What are the Benefits of a Lien from USI?

A lien from Universal Services, Inc. enables the healthcare facility to advance its providers' and partners' financial strength. Essentially, it helps providers enhance their incomes by creating a new market. Our services help to offset the income challenges that providers face with Medicare fee schedule reductions, poor state or county repayment and unfavorable contracts. Additionally, a lien from Universal Services, Inc.:

How Do USI's Services Work?

Working with USI was designed from the beginning to have very little impact on your staff's daily routine. Why? You treat. You bill. You send your forms to USI. It’s that easy. USI buys the bill from you and handles collecting from other payors. Our process is direct, involving only a HIPPA release and four simple forms.

Who Does USI Benefit?

We are committed to creating a win-win partnership with healthcare facilities and centers by helping all of the involved parties - patient, attorney and physician – in these highly technical and legal transactions.

When can I Expect Payment?

USI guarantees payment in 15-45 days.

What is a Without Recourse Provider?

USI is a without recourse provider, which means we eliminate the ongoing risk associated with holding aging receivables. If a lien ultimately is not collectable, USI assumes the entire loss.