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Health Providers

  • Improve cash flow.
  • Optimize your practice.
  • Help more patients.
  • Get back to doing what you do best: Helping people feel better and live healthier lives.

Designed by Healthcare Providers to Benefit Patients, Practices and Facilities

If you want to expand your practice or facility’s revenue streams without absorbing all of the bad debt risks associated with accepting patients with a medical lien, USI has a solution for you. Simply provide USI with some basic information prior to treating a lien-based patient and we will handle the rest. USI evaluates each case on its merits and calculates a fair and reasonable amount to pay your practice or facility for services within 15-45 days. USI then takes on all of the risk of collecting on the invoiced amount.

Because many cases take as long as three to ten years to settle, USI's programs absolve your practice or facility of the risk, puts cash in your bank account, and lets you get on with doing what you do best: taking care of patients – and your business.

How Does USI's Program Work?

Working with USI is easy and will have very little impact on your staff's daily routine. How? You treat. You bill. You send your forms to USI. USI buys the bill from you and handles collecting from other payors. Our process is direct, involving only a HIPPA release and four simple forms. It’s that easy!

Here's How the Process Works:

  1. The patient contacts your facility and is ready to make an appointment.
  2. Complete the Patient Procedure Request.
  3. Fax this form to USI.
  4. If approved, perform the procedure and send USI the billing statement.
  5. USI will send payment to your facility within 15-45 days.